Monday, January 14, 2013

My Rant to WOW! Cable

This is my grumpy rant.

A check was mailed on 1/6 for full-bill amount for two month's worth of service. Note please, that WOW records should show years and years of consistent on-time payment. One month's bill from WOW never even arrived. I repeat WOW NEVER SENT A BILL FOR ONE MONTH. As soon as a bill was received it was paid by its due date.

In the past, bills have been processed and updated within 2 days of receipt, bills are usually received at the local processing center within a single day of us mailing them.  Today is 1/14. A pleasantly-worded but alarming past-due notice dated 1/7 arrived in the mail. The date means it was generated the same day the processing center would've received my check.  It was probably an automatically-generated item. Frankly I don't care. No matter how cute the phrasing, it's still a threat to withhold service, charge additional punitive fees and sic collections agents on someone for not paying a bill that was a followup bill to A BILL THAT WAS NEVER SENT.

It gets worse.

Attempted to call WOW phone customer service (866-496-9669)  to confirm payment received. Number is not working. No answer. No busy signal. Zip. Nada.Called from cell phone. Same problem. Left line open for 15 minutes. No result.

Fine. Logged into my account at the website. Could reach account summary and change my password, but cannot reach billing screen. No link. No response to clicking anything anywhere. Zip. Nada.

So I received a "you-are-a-delinquent-slacker-jerk" letter that never would've been necessary if WOW's billing system was working properly, and now I can't even reassure myself that the payment I sent was received so that WOW won't deprive me of 1) my ability to converse with my sister 2) my NCIS episodes, and 3) online gaming and surfing?

This is not the level of customer service I am accustomed to receiving from WOW.

I am ranty.

Thank you.

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